About us


We believe in making Christ-minded disciples who make a positive difference in our world.


Our mission to create Christ-minded disciples will be enacted by having a heart for our community, a mind that meditates on the things of God, a soul that is completely satisfied in God, and we will do this with all our strength. See Luke 10:27.


Our senior minister and Cantonese Ministry pastor is Rev Micah Tang. Our assistant minister and English Ministry pastor is Rev Dr Stuart Vogel.

Church Overview

The Auckland Chinese Presbyterian Church (ACPC) has proclaimed the gospel in this city since 1923 and we are one of the oldest Chinese churches in New Zealand.

We gather together because we believe in the one true Lord - Jesus Christ; while are roots are Chinese everyone and anyone is welcome. We are quite diversified in our age and cultural backgrounds, yet we strive to learn from each other and accept mutually in the love of God. There are 3 main groups of members, the Cantonese, English and bilingual speakers. Members and attendees originate from Hong Kong, Mainland China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Japan, Korea, India, South Africa, Canada, etc., and of course those born in New Zealand.

Our Logo

acpc-logo_64The empty cross is a symbol of the resurrection of Jesus. Presbyterians believe that Jesus died on the cross for the forgiveness of our sins and then rose again. The empty cross reminds us of the new life we have through the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The burning bush reminds us of the bush that Moses saw (Exodus 3:2). It was burning but was not destroyed. Presbyterians are deeply committed to being the church, the Body of Christ, which can never be destroyed. The burning bush is also the symbol of Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand.

The silver fern is the national emblem of New Zealand. It reminds us that on one hand being a part of the universal church, on the other hand we are rooted in this piece of beautiful land.